Self Image

Ajmer sees himself as one who can influence others to his way of thinking. He is a good communicator who will draw out opinions by asking questions and listening for the answers. Ajmer is open to change and willing to accept direction. Being sensitive to policy he will rely on facts and figures to support his decisions. Ajmer is seen as a perfectionist and always tries to please others while wanting to do what is expected and correct. He tends to vacillate in starting new projects until he is certain about the direction he should go. He also shows strong creative abilities.

Self Motivation

Ajmer needs to feel that he is both accepted by the group and that he has an opportunity to use his leadership abilities. There is an innate need for social recognition, combined with a need for others to recognise his skills and expertise. He is motivated by money, status, achievement and an open environment. Ajmer’s need to avoid error is equal with his drive and ambition to achieve. There is a need for variety of people and tasks in both social and work environment, though strong relationships are always maintained.

Job Emphasis

Ajmer shows leadership, directing and influence in various areas of specialisation. The working environment should be people-oriented, involve attention to detail and use specialist knowledge or expertise. Tasks should be varied and well detailed, they should not be repetitive. There should be an opportunity to lead others in producing measurable results. Objectives and guidelines should be clear and precise. Areas of authority must be clearly defined. Rewards should include public recognition and incentives for reaching challenging goals.

Descriptive Words

Positive. Persuasive. Inquisitive. Competitive. Assertive. Systematic. Logical. Precise. Careful. Adaptable. Eager. Active. Restless. Demonstrative. Anxious. Creative. Outgoing. Asks ‘who’, ‘how’ and ‘what’.

Mask – How others see you

Ajmer perceives there is no necessity to modify his characteristics in the current work situation. This would suggest therefore he feels behaviourally compatible with the current job and is acting in a similar manner to that indicated in ‘Self Image’.

Behaviour Under Pressure

When pressure is placed upon Ajmer, the indicators show that he is likely to behave in exactly the same manner as the ‘Self Image’ suggests. As there are no major changes showing between ‘Self Image’ and ‘Behaviour Under Pressure’, this would lead us to believe that Ajmer would remain consistent even at times of extreme pressure. If Ajmer is well matched with a job, this would normally lead to an enhancement of performance.

General Comments

There are no frustrations/problems/stresses showing in Ajmer’s profile. The suggestion therefore is that he is able to cope with the behavioural requirements of the job, organisation, colleagues and bosses.

Popularity, favourable working conditions and public recognition are important motivators. Challenging situations and the opportunity to achieve good results are also important to him, as is standard operating procedures and personal attention.

Should Ajmer have a boss, then ideally that person will be a participative and direct leader, who recognises Ajmer’s need for personal contact and motivation. Objectives and time scales should be clearly negotiated and once agreed, authority and responsibility must be given to complete the task in hand. There may be times when reassurance is required, especially if decisions have to be made that are outside Ajmer’s area of expertise.

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