Formula 1

Most of the time Ajmer has got something to say about Formula One, the drivers, the circuit, the rules. This is one of his favourite topics, so an easy ice breaker. Aj has been following F1 since the early 80’s so enough to talk about.

Ayrton Senna

Aj believes there has not been a F1 racing driver with the innate skill, undetermined passion and be as single minded as Ayrton Senna. If you have never seen Ayrton race, the stats will never reveal the true greatness of this driver. When other F1 racing drivers use Senna as their benchmark, their goal, their target for achievement, can this truly show how Ayrton Senna was head and shoulders above the best in the world. Two hundred and seventeen motorsport champions voted Ayrton Senna as the “Greatest Racing Driver, Ever”.


Don’t get Aj started on cars, he has a single minded attitude towards cars and their drivers, probably stems from his passion for racing and formula one. Never has been your typical car nut, for Aj its a lot deeper than bhp, he is an intellectual petrol head.


I remember Aj talking about Lamborghini back in the late 70’s, where others had only heard of Ferrari. Aj would begin spurting about Ferruccio Lamborghini and the Countach. Aj knew more about the Lamborghini than anyone else knew about Ferrari. Despite Aj’s love for the outrageous and super futuristic Countach, there is something understated and discrete about Lamborghini cars and that is why some of Aj’s favourite cars are powerful in more ways than just horsepower, such as the Porsche 911 Turbo, Audi Quattro, Golf GTI and BMW M3.


If you need to count on somebody to take the snaps, on holidays or at party’s, ask Aj, who on a single weekend trip to Lisbon snapped over 600 photos and the craziest thing was, only a few were dropped from the album he created, but that also had to be reduced – can you imagine how long it would take to view over 500 photos, great memories though.


I know Ajmer loves animation, he loves drawing and when his fingers are not tapping at the computer keyboard, he will be doodling. So one way he loves to relax with his kids is to watch movies.


Aj is married with 2 children, Arjun and Daiya. They are so demanding of his time and money, that he finds it difficult to balance earning millions with precious time with them. Actually he has 4 children, Amar and Billy are his niece and nephew, who he loves a great deal too and any chance to spend time with them all is precious and an opportunity rarely missed.