Technical Manager

Ajmer is one of the very few, who has the ability to adapt very quickly to the technology around him and get involved with the technical and creative aspects of the tasks.

I have known Ajmer to remain in touch with his customers and clients, to ensure he maintains the high level of expectation that is always expected of his projects.

Ajmer is an experienced Project Manager who has worked in many Agile and Scrum development environments. He also manages project change and development teams. Ajmer always works directly with stakeholders to understand their requirements to meet expectations and effectively deliver required solutions. As well as having great skills in managing his time, he always assists where necessary with hands on web application development with the usual LAMP development environment and development tools, PHP, CSS, HTML, Javascript, AJAX, jQuery with MySQL database and SQL.

With over ten years management experience and fifteen years web application development experience, Ajmer is a very valuable asset for any IT programme.


As web technologies became the new method of delivering corporate applications, Ajmer had already spent a number of years researching web standards, coding standards, web compliance and investigated the main web languages. Ajmer designed, developed and delivered a PHP framework for a key intranet system for a Pharmaceuticals client in a matter of two to three months. This framework was then the bases for all Intranet applications within the organisation.

Many of the characteristics that define Ajmer at work are quite easily picked up by his team, such as determination, attention to detail, motivation and support, simply due to Ajmer’s positivity and drive. Ajmer will always painstakingly review his products during analysis, design, development and after delivery to ensure expectations are met, if not exceeded.

Working with an organisation that can offer the support of a challenging environment, Ajmer will easily continue to demand more from himself, his motivation and his ambition.